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Want to be a better fly caster!? Contact me, either as a group or individual, about trying out the FFI Fly Casting Skills Challenge at the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. This is a great way to assess and improve your skills. All of the challenges are fishing casts that you will use frequently in various situations. This is not the instructor certification program; those interested in becoming better casters, but not in teaching, are encouraged to take up these challenges! You will start with pick up and lay down cast, roll cast, basic accuracy and casting to 50 ft. and work your way up from there. You can see the Fly Casting Skills Challenge at Fly Fishers International > Education > Learning Center > Casting > Fly Casting Skills Challenge.

Create your own event: I love teaching groups! Put together a presentation or clinic for your group! It can be a fishing group or a group of interested people that don't fish yet! I can help you tailor instruction to your group's needs. Contact

30 with 3 lesson packages: I am now offering 3 one hour lesson packages for $150---a $30 savings. This will make a great gift for someone, including yourself! Times and location will be scheduled individually.

Fly Casting Fundamentals Class: Six one hour lessons comprise this class designed to help the caster achieve at least Bronze level fly casting skills as outlined in the FFI Fly Casting Skills Challenge. This can be done on an individual basis or in a small group. Contact me for more details at The price is $300, the same as for 5 lessons, which is a $60 savings. Great for beginners, novices or those just trying to improve their skills!

Video Casting Analysis: If a picture is worth 1000 words, a video is worth far more. You will see things you had no idea were occurring with your casting motion and learn how to correct them. Define and rid yourself of bad habits! Clients will be given practice methods to improve their cast. The minimum time needed for this is 90 minutes and the cost is $80.

Casting Instructor Certification Mentoring: Instructor certification from the FFI is an accomplishment that will help you become a better instructor as well as caster. Let me help you understand the expectations of the exam and become a better caster and teacher! I mentor exam candidates and administer exams, so I understand the tests and what it takes to pass. Most importantly, it will help you be the best teacher you can be in all phases of fly fishing.

Salt water casting curriculum: Whether you have a salt water trip booked this winter or just want to learn more, this curriculum encompassing three 90 minute lessons is a great start. It’s not too early to start practicing; you can never practice too much! Lessons arranged by contacting instructor at

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