Clear Creek Fly Casting Lessons


HOW: To book a lesson or presentation, contact me at jonathan@clearcreekflycasting or 303-981-8116.

WHO: Nearly everyone can learn to fly cast! Individual and group lessons are available. Individuals younger than 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Children as young as 6 but preferably 8 years old and above can achieve success. Those with physical or other challenges are requested to discuss these with the instructor ahead of time to allow adequate preparation.

WHAT: Lessons are customized to individuals’ needs including specific types of skills needed (e.g., salt water trips). Some of these skills at various levels are listed below.

WHERE: A few easily accessible parks west of Denver are utilized. Most instruction is done on grass but water is used where necessary or desired. Custom locations may be arranged in advance but may incur travel cost if greater than 20 miles.

WHEN: Lessons are by appointment on Sundays and Tuesdays and are rarely cancelled due to weather unless actively raining, snowing or lightning. Casting on snow is sometimes necessary to meet your trip deadline. Lessons missed without 24-hour notice will incur the lesson charge for the time booked.

WHY: Presentation is the most important skill in fly fishing, and line control is the key to presentation, and good fly casting is necessary for line control. Learning to cast well is similar to any craftsman learning to use their tools correctly. The fly rod, line and leader are but tools of fishing. Better casting leads to better, more enjoyable fishing and an experienced instructor will improve your learning curve.

VIDEO CASTING ANALYSIS: A new service offered by Clear Creek Fly Casting!

What: This is a way for a fly fisher to meet remotely with the instructor. Evaluation and recommendations for improving fly casting is provided by video and video conferencing.

Who: The instructor is Jonathan Walter, Fly Fishers International Certified Master Casting Instructor. He has been fly fishing since 1989 and teaching fly fishing and fly casting for 25+ years.

Why: The 2020 pandemic forced us to look at alternative ways of doing things including those that require physical skills. Video is a great way to evaluate fly casting, in person or remote. This brings quality instruction to more people that otherwise would not have access.

Where: Anywhere! You simply need an outdoor space with enough room to cast and take the video. Present day technology has no borders, so coaching cross country or world-wide is possible.

How: Contact the instructor at jonathan@clearcreekflycasting. He will reach out to you by email, phone or Zoom for an interview to define your goals. Then you will video yourself casting and send the clip to his coaching application. He will then schedule a 30 min. Zoom video conference with you to give direct feedback and advice. You will need a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, to do your video.

Cost: $45 for a one-time analysis as described above. For a series of 3 the cost is $120 which allows for practice and follow up.

Beginner Skills:

  • Hands on instruction in the physical motions of the casting stroke
  • Clear statement of the caster’s objective
  • Pick up and lay down cast, false casting, shooting line
  • Roll cast and off shoulder casting
  • Roll cast pick up
  • Beginning Accuracy

Intermediate Skills:

  • Review of loop formation and line control for improved efficiency
  • Increasing distance and line speed
  • Off shoulder casting
  • Accuracy
  • Introduction to hauling
  • Reach mend

Advanced Skills:

  • Assessment of loop formation, control and efficiency
  • Casting in any plane
  • Distance and double haul
  • Slack line casts
  • Curve casts
  • Aerial mends

Spey or two handed casting:

  • Introduction to principles and rules of two handed casting
  • Two handed roll casting, alternating right and left hand on top
  • Switch cast and single Spey
  • C Spey and double Spey
  • Snake roll

Special Topics:

  • Salt water casting skills
  • Casting and Line Management for Drift Boat Fishing
  • Casting and Line Management for Nymph Fishing
  • Presenting the Fly: Planning, Positioning, Casting and Mending

Lecture/discussion type presentations are designed to be as interactive as possible and have been well-received. Most of the presentations can be done indoors or outdoors and are often convertible to group casting clinics.

  • "Casting Different Flies and Rigs": A Power Point presentation regarding different ways to set up and cast various rigs such as nymphs, dry flies, streamers. This is meant to generate discussion with the audience. This can be converted to a casting clinic also.
  • The Mechanics of Fly Casting”: A great way to learn more about the mechanics of fly casting and how to improve. The physical motions and their definitions are described. Audience participation is encouraged through a pre-test with open discussion of the answers. 60-90 minutes: suitable for indoors.
  • Hiding in Plain Sight: The Secret to Good Fly Casting”: A demonstration of the “secret” and its applicability to efficiency, accuracy, distance and especially practice. 40-60 min. demonstration indoor/outdoor, 2-3 hours outdoor clinic.
  • The Seven Deadly Sins of Fly Casting”: Demonstration of the 7 flaws, why each is a problem and how to correct it. Questions from the audience encouraged. 60-90 min, outdoor preferable but can be done indoors.
  • Elements of Accuracy”: Demonstration of loop formation, trajectory change, aiming and estimating distance. 20 min. demonstration indoor/outdoor, 2-3 hour outdoor clinic
  • Elements of Distance”: Demonstration of loop formation, delayed rotation, and increased arc and stroke length. The role of double haul is clarified. Indoor or outdoor. 20 min. demonstration indoor/outdoor, 2-3 hour outdoor clinic.
  • Elements of Presentation”: A demonstration/explanation of all of the things to consider when presenting a fly including line control and terminal tackle. The angler’s most important asset is revealed. 20 min. demonstration indoor/outdoor, 2-3 hour outdoor clinic
  • When You Can’t Back Cast”: Casting in confined spaces is always a challenge. This demonstration will help you understand how to reach neglected areas passed by due to obstacles! 30-40 min. demonstration indoor/outdoor, 2-3 hour outdoor clinic