“Thanks for the casting lesson this afternoon. After a few free lessons here and there this session really brought it all together. I really appreciate your patience. I can also tell you based on some recent experience with three other instructors from a couple of other shops that you're far and away the best instructor so far for my level, temperament and sensibilities.”
June, 2017

“Since I spent my last 10 yrs of employment in higher education involved with student outcomes, I can whole-heartedly recommend you as a knowledgeable and skilled instructor who teaches fly casting at all levels. This was my fourth year attending the expo and the second year I signed up for fly casting workshops. Although other instruction I have received from IFFF instructors have been helpful, your instruction was the most helpful in understanding the basics and nuances of single-handed fly casting.”
N. E.
March, 2017

“I want to thank you again, Jonathan, for your excellent instruction. I'm a rank beginner, but now I have hope.   I know something about teaching, and you're an excellent teacher. You are patient, deliberate, and sequential. That made all the difference.”
J.K., 8/7/16

"Now that I'm a better caster I see more targets and opportunities."
C.F., 7/26/16

Clear Creek Fly Casting

Thanks to your excellent coaching, my recent trip to Punta Gorda was a huge success. I managed to throw 60 foot casts to tailing fish in a fairly stiff wind with no problem. But I must say that throwing a large weighted crab fly at the end of a 12 foot leader is little different game from casting in the park! The loop control that you taught me made all the difference. The “quick cast” technique together with side arm casting also helped to up my game. I only embarrassed myself a few times a day but never came close to hooking the guide!
J.B., 2015

Clear Creek Fly Casting

I learned to cast and fly fish from Jonathan several years ago. He is incredibly patient with a beginner and sets an excellent foundation for years of fly fishing enjoyment to come.
G.C. 2015

Clear Creek Fly Casting

Always good, along with quality insights. The roll cast tips worked like a charm. Attached is a photo of the results following our get together. Not too shabby for a deep winter wade.”
S.O., 2016

Trust the week has treated you well. Our Cabo trip was outstanding. I was pleasantly rewarded with this big bull dorado on the fly during our first outing. Your teaching juju and skills must have somehow transferred effectively enough to set this guy onto my fly line. Needless to say, was plenty exciting and very memorable experience. Managed to also get into some roosters and jacks during the trip. Think 5 species in total.
S.O., 2015